3D Grapher 1.21

Imagen 3D Grapher 1.21
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Produces 2D or 3D graphs with equations and coordinates"

3D Grapher generates graphs that reproduce animations from the equations you enter yourself. Based on the mathematical data you add, a specific visual set will be created in two or three dimensions that can be enlarged or even rotated if you want to see it from another angle.

Representing an equation in a graph is not easy because you have to take into account several mathematical parameters, which are treated quickly by 3D Grapher in order to automatically generate the corresponding graphs in 2D or 3D. Visual sets can show several colors to correctly distinguish their elements whose size can be increased or reduced, as well as rotating the position of each graph.

Every time you modify some number of the equation or one of the coordinates of types like cylindrical and Cartesian the mathematical graph elaborated by 3D Grapher will be updated in real time to recreate the opportune changes.